Executive Sous Chef Eric Zangara

Executive Sous Chef

Eric Zangara

A first-generation born American originally from Chicago, Zangara has familial roots in Argentina, Italy, and Guatemala. These roots and a childhood spent witnessing his mother and grandmother in the kitchen influenced his culinary expressions and preferences. He graduated from Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in 2013 and has held past positions at The Waterlin, The Harley Davidson Museum, and Culaccino Bar and Italian Restaurant in West Bend.

"I love to cook, it has brought me peace of mind to me over the last 10+ years. I am able to escape any thoughts by putting myself in a kitchen, and I love creating an experience for people that they are able to take with them for years." 

Favorite food: empanadas, anything Italian, and his guilty pleasure, french fries with pickles.
Favorite dish to prepare: homemade pasta or pizza, or anything that can be shared at a table.